10 Tips to Choose a Youtube Channel Name for Vloggers

What’s makes a good YouTube channel name? Names can play a huge role in the success of a brand and your YouTube Channel! A good name can make a company, and a bad name can end a company – even if what they do is really good.

When you start thinking about what name you are going to give your YouTube vlog channel, you should really take some time out to make sure that you pick one that really stands out, and one that you are not going to be regretting down the line. In this post, we have put together tips and ideas to make the process of choosing a good YouTube name more simple for you!

Youtube Channel Names for Vloggers – 10 Tips & Ideas

Youtube Channel Names for Vloggers: Idea

1. Think about what makes you unique

First of all, you should sit down in a quiet space with a notepad and paper – or a blank Word document on your computer. Start writing down words and phrases that make you unique, that are really personal to you.

When you have done that, think about your new vlog channel. What are your vlogs going to be about? Who will they be reaching out to? What will make them different from every other vlog channel out there? Scribble or type these words down. Lastly, draw any small doodles or images that you think brings these two together.

Look at what you’ve got, and see what the common patterns are. These are the characteristics that make you unique, and are going to be what makes your new vlog channel unique. If you are trying to think of a good name for your YouTube channel, then chances are there are some great ideas here.

2. Choose a YouTube Name that Represents You

Whether you’re creating videos yourself or a corporation trying to piece together some fantastic footage, the name of your channel needs to represent you and your “brand”. (Many vloggers even use their own name).

Channel names play a huge role in what people associate with us, so you want to make sure that the name suits your values, beliefs, and tone. The name you choose should be:

  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Concise

Your aim is to come up with a name that anyone who has watched your channel can remember and can easily type. Meet the challenge and you’ve already won half the battle!

3. Choose a Name that’s Unique

If you come up with a really unique name or create your own word to describe your channel, that can really work in your favor. After all, the word “Oreo” has become a household name, and once upon a time, that word wasn’t even in anybody’s personal lexicon.

However, if you do choose a unique word to represent your YouTube channel, make sure that the word “makes sense” and represents you. Certain words and letter combinations evoke certain emotions (and this may differ from culture to culture), so be careful if you do choose to choose a unique made-up name or phrase.

4. Choose a Name that People Can Pronounce

This strongly ties into having a memorable YouTube channel name. If you want people to be able to remember and talk about your channel, then you need to have a name that’s easy to pronounce.

A name that’s easy to say will stick far more easily than one that’s complicated or multiple syllables in length, so go as simple as possible.

5. Be aware of how it will be typed

Youtube Channel Names

Some vlog channel names are really difficult to make out, because they do not have spaces and they just push all of the words together, hoping that other people will be able to read them. In fact, you should always try to make sure that your viewers are able to read your vlog channel name easily – and be able to say it.

After all, you want your viewers to be able to tell their friends about your channel when they realize how wonderful it is, and that is really difficult when it is impossible to pronounce. That is why we recommend making sure that you use capital letters to make it a lot easier for people to understand. For example, if you were creating a vlog channel about video tips, calling it videoislife is great – but VideoIsLife is much easier to read, and therefore to say.

6. Do a quick Google search

Once you’ve come up with an idea that you like, now is the time to do a quick Google search. After all, the last thing that you want to discover once you have set your heart on a vlog channel name is to discover that someone else has already thought of it!

It should not take long for you to see whether or not someone else has had the same genius idea as you. If they have, do not worry – you can always alter it a little bit to make it different, and stand out from the crowd. However, hopefully, you’ll be lucky, and will have found something that no one else has ever thought of. Also, be sure to include quotation marks around your name search if it has 2 or more words.

7. Choose a Name that’s Domain-Free

If your goal is to have a YouTube channel that makes it big one day, then you want to choose a name that’s domain-free – meaning that no one’s purchased a domain (Web Address) online yet that includes the name of your potential channel.

When you’re able to own your own domain name then you should purchase that space ASAP. Not only does owning your own domain name make you easier to find, but it’ll avoid any confusion and help people find you in search engines. A domain name is what you use to build your own blog. If you’re interested in building a blog, check out this tutorial on how to make a blog.

8. Choose a Name that’s Social Media-Free

Similarly to choosing channel names that are available on internet domains, you also want to come up with a name that’s free for you to “own” on social media sites. Social media is becoming increasingly important, especially when it comes to marketing. Social media is a great way to promote your YouTube channel.

One day, you’ll want to open up social media pages or accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites that are related to your YouTube channel and not to you personally. Take ‘ownership’ of those names now if possible. If the names are already taken on social media, then it may be worth reconsidering the name of your YouTube channel. One solution to this problem could be to add a word before or after your channel name and then check if that name is available on social media. Get creative with your ideas if the name you want isn’t available.

9. Choose a YouTube Name that’s Visual

Ideas for Youtube Channel Names for Vloggers

Ever had a hard time remembering someone’s name? Many professionals will tell you that the best way to remember the name of someone is to associate their name with some other memorable visual representation

The same logic can be applied to your YouTube name. The more visual you make your name, the easier it will be for people to remember it. Why? Because your viewers will be able to associate your YouTube channel to something visual, which is a whole lot easier to remember than a random word or series of words.

10. Sleep on it

You may be raring to go and start creating your new vlog channel under your genius name – but wait. Sometimes the silliest things come to us in the morning after we’ve had a sleep, and our dreams are where most of us get our inspiration from.

It is always a good idea to sleep on any big decision, such as naming your vlog channel, to make sure that you are not going to regret it in the long run. If you are a very impatient person, do not worry. You’ll only have to wait another twelve hours or so, and that way you can be sure that you are happy with it.


I hope these tips help you when it comes to choosing a name for your YouTube channel. By simply following these simple tips, you have now made it easier for yourself to choose a fantastic name for your vlog channel.

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