YouTube Video Titles

Youtube Video Titles Ideas: 4 Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher

YouTube video titles are the first impression to new viewers on your YouTube Channel – and who doesn’t want new viewers? It’s a key in determining whether a YouTuber will play your video or move on.

YouTube Video Titles Ideas – 4 Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher

1. The trick is to balance catchiness with keywords for the best YouTube title.

I have a tendency to lean too heavily on the keyword side. Since YouTube is the second most used search engine and owned by Google (the #1 most used search engine). I like to pick words that are searched for often. These words are called keywords and you can find how often people search for keyword phrases by using tools like Ubersuggest. Using Ubersuggest you can find what combinations of keywords are searched for the most. This will help your video get discovered more easily in search results on Youtube. for Youtube Title Ideas

If your video shows up in the search results or even in the related videos section it’s good to have a title that catches attention and makes the Youtuber curious. Which title is more compelling: Weekly Update #47 or The Week I Never Want To Live Over? Of course, the second one! Now add in some keyword that tells the search engine what it needs to know: Pregnancy Week I Never Want To Live Over. You can add all the other great keywords you want to be found for into the description.

This is just to help you start thinking about it. I’m sure you can come up with even better ideas for your YouTube titles; ones your target market will be compelled to click on. What makes you click through to watch a YouTube video?

Elements such as the video title are crucial when it comes to influencing potential viewers’ decision-making. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when creating your YouTube titles.

2. Create Good Youtube Video Titles.

Youtube Title Ideas: Catchy Names

These don’t necessarily have to be clever. They do, however, have to make your potential viewer:

  • Excited
  • Curious
  • Wanting to see more
  • Pick yours over possibly hundreds of similar videos

A powerful title is less than 66 characters long and is keyword optimized.

Something to think about: Adding the word “video”. People often search with the word video when looking for the right YouTube offering.

3. Let people know what type of video they are looking at.

Use keywords such as:

  • Tutorial
  • How to
  • Review
  • Introduction to
  • Training
  • B2B

4. Get ideas by looking at other YouTube titles.

Study titles and decide which ones appeal to you. See if you can spot a common denominator for the ones that do appeal. Take note of the viewer count. Figures in the low thousands should be of first interest. What is a common denominator for these titles?

Look at the bad-and-ugly titles too. Which ones only got a handful of viewers? Again, any common denominators in the Titles?

The best YouTube titles combine keywords and catchiness to grab attention from the search engine AND potential watcher’s eyes.

The Benefits of SEO Keywords in YouTube Titles

1. It gets you More Video Traffic

The more you choose to use general and highly searched SEO keywords in your video titles the more chances they stand at being viewed by millions of people online.

Most viewers often do not search for specific products or items they often try to use general terms to search for information. This is to enable them to find loads of information related to the topic they want. So the more you invest in search engine keywords the more you get traffic to your Video channel.

It might seem easy but if you have no idea of the kinds of keywords that are mostly searched in relation to your topic then get ready for zero video traffic.

So do your research properly. Do not do guesswork when it comes to SEO keywords. Again I remind you to use for ideas.

2. Helps the Video Have a Clear Vision

The more you use SEO keywords on your titles the less time you spend explaining what your Video is all about.  It does not matter how many times you optimize it in the video. The point is that it needs to be there not only for video status but for search engine rankings.

The more your video seems on point and easier to understand the more it gets views and ranks on top search engine websites like Google and YouTube.

It also helps the viewer know and anticipate the direction in which the video will take them. On the same note, it helps them stay in tune with the post.

The internet is full of weird stuff so when a person sees that the keyword does not say what they are looking for then they will move to the next one with a clear statement of purpose in the form of SEO title.

There is no need to watch an entire video only to find out it has nothing you were looking for.

Moreover, know what your viewers want or are looking for. Always look for a gap that needs to be filled and optimize on that.

3. It Helps Target Specific Kinds of People

The more you use SEO keywords that are geared towards your target audience the more your posts get viewed or ranked among others just like it.

As much as you want to reach everyone you must first find your fans so they can help you build up your channel into something others can be interested in. But never lose the vibe and meaning of the channel even if you want to reach more people.

Consequently, since you are well acquainted with the topic you are talking about it won’t be hard to know or find the right kind of keywords to use so as to achieve the right amount of reach and exposure.

Youtube is a very interesting marketing tool as well as a very rewarding publicity avenue that can change your life in a matter of a second if everything is done right. So always make sure you SEO your video titles with regard to the niche and topic at hand.

Final Thoughts

Vlogging is very big and possibly here to stay and get better. It is one of the most successful ways to get information out. It does not matter how long the Vlog is. As long as the point is put across in a manner that makes it stand out then you are good to go.

There are countless Vlogs online, especially on YouTube. It is the one place that most Vloggers share their information as well as create functional communities to help them prospers in their online ventures.

Vlogs can be hard to rank in search engines especially if you do not know which words and tools to use so as to stay relevant. But with proper utilization of different online tools like SEO keywords you can help you soar in the rankings.

It is essential to use and complement your videos with certain kinds of keywords so as to make your Vlogs relevant to even those who are not interested in your topic. The trick is to use long keywords that are not too specific so as to attract loads of viewers, who will likely get to know more about the specific topic when they search your long SEO keyword or any word in it.