Best Kids Vlogging Camera 2024 – Top 5 Picks

When it comes to choosing the best video camera for kids there are many things that you need to think about. Below I am going to give you some tips on choosing the best video camera for your child and my recommendations.

Tips on Choosing The Best Vlogging Camera for Kids

Start Small

When I say start small I really mean it. Sometimes the smallest cameras give your child the ability to record videos in many more places. When you have a large camera they will most likely feel like people are looking at them. Whether they are recording at home or in public, the less people that watch them as they record, the better.

Don’t Overdo It

What many parents do, including me, is we want the best for our child. It is because of this that we try to buy our children the best camera that they can get. Sometimes this is not what is best for your child. What I suggest is that you don’t overdo it and just find something that would work as a good starter camera. The more they use that camera the better they will become at recording and at some point they can opt for something with more features and better quality.

What Will Your Child Use It For

Do you know what your child is going to record with their camera? I ask because every kid has their own style and hobbies. What you need to understand is that if your child is going to record something in water, then make sure the camera is waterproof. If your child wants to record stuff on their bike, then make sure the camera has attachments to connect it to their bike. Just make sure the camera suits your child’s needs.

Is This a First Camera

If this is your child’s first camera, then I recommend you start with something basic. I only say this because you want to make sure that your child actually wants to start filming things. Many people see their favorite YouTuber’s online and want to do exactly what they are doing but that doesn’t always pan out. Take it slow and make sure your kid loves it before you get them the top of the line gear.

Ok, so now you should have some kind of idea as to what you want, so let’s dive into some of the best video cameras in my opinion. I know what it’s like to have kids that love playing around with cameras, but they might not understand exactly how to use the equipment that they are given.

Best Kids Vlogging Camera 2024

It is a great starter camera for any child. So many people will try to tell you that you need the most expensive video camera around, but the truth is that there are some affordable video cameras like this one that works just as well.

If you are looking for a waterproof camera for your child, then this camera is a great option. The best part about this durable video camera is that you can take it out of its protective case and attach it to different housings.

What children love about the Vtech Kidizoom Actioncam is the fact that it is small and still takes good video. The sound quality on this camera is not the best, but for a child who is just getting started on YouTube, this is a great option.

This camera is really reasonably priced and definitely in the lower price range of kid’s cameras on the market.


This camera is obviously more expensive than the previous two cameras on his list, but definitely worth the price when you consider the excellent build and video quality.

This is more of a camera that the whole family can use. One of the best parts about this camera is that it’s shockproof, which makes it the perfect video camera for kids.

What most parents like about this camera is that it is Waterproof to 65ft/20M, freezeproof to 14F /-10C, Shockproof to 5.8ft/1.75M, and dustproof. When it comes to video quality and durability this is by one of the best kids video cameras on this list.

The Olympus Tough TG-6 looks brilliant with its red finish. And that red color could come in handy if your planning to use the camera outdoors as it’s less likely to get lost in the snow or in a pool of water. This camera can survive to depths 50ft/15m underwater and it’s also freezeproof to -10°C / 14°F.

If you don’t like the red though it’s also available in a sleek black. This camera is also shockproof from drops 7ft / 2.1m, and crush-proof of weights up to 220lbs / 100kg. 

The features on this camera are quite advanced, with lots of functions including excellent macro and microscope modes. It also features 4K video and a zoom range of 25-100mm, which is great for filming your adventures. 

A lot of children want the GoPro type camera. However, an actual GoPro can set you back hundreds of dollars. My recommendation is to get a decent GoPro alternative and start from there.

The AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera is a great option for any child looking for a more quality image as well as the additional features of it being waterproof. As long as you have the appropriate cases for this camera then you will be just fine.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a lot of different options out there for your child. If you are just wanting a vlogging camera so that your child can use it around the house then you don’t need the durability and ruggedness of some of the ones above.

What most people don’t realize is that every camera has a person it is best suited for and that all depends on what they will use it for and how much. Trust me, when choosing a kids’ video camera you can’t be too cautious because you don’t want to pay for something that will be broken within the week.

Take your time reading this short guide on the best vlogging cameras for kids and make sure you choose the right one. I know your child will be bugging you to get them the top of the line camera, but you don’t have to. You can even click the link here to see all the different video cameras for kids at Amazon.

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Best Vlog Cameras for Kids