5 Best Drones Under $200 For Vlogging

As a vlogger, you want to show the best of your surroundings to your audience. But sometimes, shooting from a single handheld camera doesn’t seem to do the trick. If you wish to share more unique shots of your surroundings that better capture the beauty of the setting you are in, then you should consider buying a drone camera. 

Drones are extremely fun to use, sort of like a remote-controlled airplane and they offer stunning aerial shots of your landscape. These make for great additions to your vlog. In case you’re looking to experiment before you move on to more professional drones, you may be looking for a budget-friendly option to start with. 

We’ll make things a whole lot easier for you! Here are some of the best drones you can purchase on the market today for under $200! 

Holy Stone HS510 Drone

The Holy Stone HS510 drone starts off our list as a great quality drone at a budget-friendly price. It is a mini GPS drone featuring a 4K camera, intelligent flight modes, and automatic home return features. It features a compact, foldable design making it great for travel purposes as well. It is also small and lightweight, yet has a solid build that makes it quite durable. Holy Stone is a pioneer in low-cost consumer drones and the HS510 packs quite a punch. 

Here are some of the notable features of the Holy Stone HS510 Drone:

  • 4K UHD camera allowing for $K video capture at 16 frames per second, equipped with shock absorption. 
  • Portable and ultralight design, less than 250g/0.55lbs (due to its lightweight you won’t have to register the drone with the government).
  • App control includes features such as GPS Follow Me, Point of Interest, and TapFly for incredible control. 
  • GPS and GLONASS navigation system 
  • Precise landing technology and return to home point
  • Brushless motor for aerodynamic efficiency and low noise


The  Holy Stone HS510 drone is priced at $199.99

 Potensic D58 Drone 

The Potensic D58 drone is a super easy-to-use drone, ideal for beginners. It comes equipped with an HD 1080p camera capable of capturing a 120-degree field of view. It also comes with dual GPS navigation for better flight positioning and stability and 5G wifi for video transmission.  Potensic also has some great budget-friendly options from their range of drones, with the D58 drone being their most popular release yet. 

Here are some notable features of the Potensic D58 drone: 

  • Double batteries provide up to 36 minutes of flight time
  • 5G Wi-FI camera capable of capturing 2K images and smooth live video. 
  • GPS Mode allows the drone to hover stably in the air. 
  • One-button return
  • Out of range and low battery alarms and out of control protection, all for a safe flying experience
  • Follow Me mode to have your D58 drone follow your steps everywhere.


The Potensic D58 drone is priced at $189.99. 

Potensic D28 Drone

Another one of Potensics’ budget-friendly drones is the D28 drone, perfect for beginners including adults and kids alike. It is able to capture video at 1080p and deliver through the Wifi HD live video capabilities. 

Here are some of the notable features of the Potensic D28 drone:

  • 1080p FPV camera able to deliver first-person view (FPV) for a clear and smoother video quality
  • Double batteries are included which provide a collective 24 minutes of flying time. 
  • Easy to control interface perfect for beginners
  • 3D flip and gravity control allows for cool 3D stunts in the air and great video performance during flying
  • Draw a trajectory for the drone to follow on the App Map and the drone will move accordingly. 


The Potensic D28 drone is priced at just $99.99. 

Holy Stone HS440 Drone 

The Holy Stone HS440 mini drone is another great budget-friendly drone from Holy Stone. It features a foldable, compact design for ease and a minimum weight of just 166 grams. While this low weight makes it easily portable, it will however prove to be difficult to fly in windy settings. 

As for the design, Holy Stone uses a strong polymer material for the manufacturing of this drone so even in the case of a crash, the interior electronics will remain intact. The drone is also equipped with brushed motors but still delivers minimal noise. To get access to the complete features of the drone be sure to download the Holy Stone FPV app onto your smartphone. 

Some notable features of the Holy Stone HS440 drone are: 

  • 1080p auto adjustable camera that can be adjusted within 90 degrees. 
  • Double batteries that allow for a collective 40 mins of flight time (20×2)
  • One key take-off and precise hovering, for streamlined safe flying
  • LIve stream videos directly to your smartphone
  • Circle Fly Mode
  • 80 Meter control Range
  • Emergency Stop, Headless Mode, and Altitude Hold for a more user-friendly experience. 


The Holy Stone HS440 drone is priced at $109.99. 

Tomzon D40 Drone

The final item on our list is the Tomzon D40 drone, a great drone for beginners It features a portable, compact design and yet carries a number of useful features. For one, it is equipped with a GPS module which further allows for smart flight modes that allow for safe flying experiences such as Smart Return to Home, Low Power Alarm, and Out of Range Alarms. The drone is also equipped with built-in LED lights that provide added visual assistance during the flight. 

Some notable features of the Tomzon D40 drone include: 

  • 4K UHD camera with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) to reduce shake and noise in videos
  • GPS and GLONASS Navigation Satellite systems
  • Waypoints and Circle Fly allow the foldable drone to fly automatically
  • Brushless motors for longer performance, less maintenance, and less noise. 
  • Automatic RTH (Return to Home) when the drone loses signal or power. 
  • Tap Fly will have the drone fly along the path you set. 
  • GPS assisted Point Of Interest Capture


 The Tomzon D40 drone is priced at $229, slightly over the $200 mark but for the features it offers, it is fairly well priced.