6 Best Microphones for iPhones & iPads 2024

Recording audio using your mobile device and not dedicated studio equipment can be quite tasking. You have to strive for spectacular results because phone sounds generally do not give the desired quality. Still, it would help if you also were sure that every aspect of the recording goes smoothly without interfering sounds.

To get impressive results from your audio recordings with your iPhone or iOS device, you most definitely need an external microphone that accurately picks up your sound and offers you distinct audio quality. 

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External Microphones offer a sensational recording experience accompanied by clear sounds that make production smooth and seamless and crowned great results.

This article will take a look at the best external microphones for iPhones and iOS devices.

6 Best Microphones for iPhones & iPads

Specssound field: mono, stereo | diaphragm: 0.4”/1.0cm | frequency range: 20Hz to 20kHz | polar pattern: cardioids, figure-8 | connectivity: Mifi Certified and Lightning | sample rate: 48kHz | weight: 1.4oz\40.5g

The Shure portable condenser microphone can capture powerful recordings without the need for any extra studio equipment. Aside from its pocket-friendly nature and all its metal construct that offers mobility, Shure MV88 has free apps ShurePlus MOTIV Audio and Video that simplify the process of editing be it motion pictures high-quality sound while providing great onscreen control. 

The signals of this Microphone amplify sounds powerfully. For a fair price, this external Microphone for iOS and iPhones is the go-to for everyone who wants studio-quality recordings from any location at all. This Microphone is best for interviews and podcasts but doesn’t limit it to these uses as it can be used for any type of recording.


  1. Stereo flexibility and adjustable stereo width within ShurePlus MOTIV apps.
  2. Recordings apps that are easy to operate
  3. User-friendly connectivity with lightning, and it also offers quick setup and direct plugging. 
  4. Adjustable DSP which could also be disabled depending on your choice


  • The Shure MV88 has a headphone monitor adapter cable with 3.5mm, making rotation and control easier.
  • Superb audio quality.
  • Easy to navigate editing apps used alongside the Microphone to achieve impressive results.
  • Users can connect to the Microphone easily without any hassle.
  • It comes with accessories that save buyers the stress of purchasing those accessories in bits/separately and worrying about compatibility. 


  • In most cases, for the recording to take place, the cover of the phone or device to be used has to be removed for better connectivity with the Microphone.
  • Although the Shure is renowned DIY (Do it yourself) recording equipment and amplifies the sensation of what you record, the free applications have a couple of hiccups that don’t make the recording process easy. 
  • The headphone amp is sort of inadequate.

Specpolar pattern: Cardioid | frequency range: 20Hz-20 kHz | equivalent noise level: (A-weighted) 18dB-A | dimensions: 46 × 55 × 40 mm | weight: 40g 

A brilliant Condenser for a brilliant price, Rode I-X\Y Stereo is a microphone most suited for the recording of detailed audio. Indeed, it records coherently classical instruments, vocals, and musical instruments because it is detailed in nature and senses sounds no matter how subtle or in-the-background they may be. 

This Microphone ensures your recordings are rich, top-notch, and incredible, not leaving any stone unturned. It also possesses an in-built analog to digital converter made to aid the transformation of raw sounds into the digital realm. With a pair of 1\2” Cardioid capsules situated at the microphone center in a perfect 90 degrees positioning, the Rode can produce captivating stereo recordings captured in marvelously great detail. For those who record music and sounds that require attention to detail, this Microphone is the best. 


  1. The device is housed by metals that prevent the interference of electromagnetic forces.
  2. The iClamp feature secures it to mobile devices when connected. 
  3. Foam windshield to avoid environmental noise, enabling it to focus on picking out recording details. 
  4. Compatible accessories 
  5. Lightning connectivity 


  • Rode I-x\y is the absolute best at picking up every tiny detail in the recording process
  • 24bit 96 kHz high resolution
  • Its ability to convert from analog to digital.
  • It can record up to 24-bit 96 kHz resolution using the Rode application.
  • The metal construct reduces EMF (Electromagnetic fields)
  • It includes a carrying case and foam windshield as part of the product package constituents.


  • You can only get the best out of it if you use the app, and the app is not particularly easy to navigate.
  • It works only on iOS devices. 
  • It can only be connected for use through the lightning port.

Spec- diaphragm: 0.10” \ 2.54 mm | polar pattern: Omnidirectional | frequency range: 60 Hz to 18 kHz | sensitivity: -35dB | capsule: 1×Electret Condenser | connectivity: 1×1\8” \ 3.5mmTRRS (analog output connectors), 1× 1/8” / 3.5 mm (headphone connector) | weight: 0.21 oz \ 6g

  Rode smartLav+ lavalier microphone is a terrific combo of a wide range of sound pick up, professional audio quality, affordability, portability, and durable accessories. Its omnidirectional condenser capsule allows it to record high–quality audios from all sides. The Microphone makes use of a grey-sleeved TRRS connector for effective connection to your device for a smooth recording process.  

 The Rode smartLav+ is compatible with all iOS devices and selected android devices, its connectivity process is easy, and it comes in a package with a foam windshield. 

 This high-quality audio delivering Microphone is suitable for all types of recording, home use, and you can take it around, so that makes it an on-the-go device. It doesn’t have all those many uncomfortable wires, and it comes with a package you can easily carry around. The Lavalier lightweight omnidirectional microphone is your pick if you are looking for something that delivers crisp sounds while recording either hands-free or hand-held. 


  1. Improved sensitivity as it uses a high-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule.
  2. The Microphone comes packaged with a foam windshield and a mounting clip.
  3. It possesses Kevlar reinforced cable to aid a reliable performance.
  4. Rode SmartLav+ is compatible with all iOS devices and some android devices.
  5. It’s easy to set up.


  • The price is affordable.
  • It comes with accessories that help you use the Microphone better.
  • The audio quality is high.
  • Its omnidirectional sensitivity level gives you an edge when recording as it picks up sound faster. 
  • It is compatible with a host of many devices.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • The battery life is excellent.


  • To access the full software of the Microphone, you will be charged extra for an upgrade, which isn’t cost-effective, plus Dropbox is a requirement for the upgrade\running of the Rode software.
  • Despite the windshield, the Microphone can pick up unnecessary noise since it is sensitive all around. 
  • The configuration and recording process can be inconvenient since you have to put your phone or device on plane mode as any incoming call could interrupt you. 

Specpower requirements: no battery | polar pattern: Cardioid | frequency response: 35 Hz to 18 kHz +\-3dB | signal to Noise Ratio: 76dB | Output connectors: 3.5mmTRS Mini-jack, 3.5 TRRS 

If you are a filmmaker, a vlogger, or you have simply been looking for a universal external microphone that can give you the best, you just found the right one. Movo VXR10 is a lightweight standard versatile microphone for everyone. It is the perfect Microphone to carry on-the-go as it does not require a battery. This fairly priced simple-to-set-up audio quality enhancer is excellent for its stand-out features of flexibility, portability, and convenience. 

Suitable for use on various recording projects, Movo VXR10 Universal Cardioid Condenser delivers crisp, clear audios you will undoubtedly love. 


  1. Cardioids polar pattern
  2. Compatible with many devices ranging from iPhones to androids
  3. Portability and mobility
  4. The Microphone comes with a shock mount: an accessory that tones down to the minimal, unwanted noises and vibrations,
  5. Great accessories accompany the device. 


  • Great price. It is a super affordable product for the kind of unique features it has to offer. 
  • Compatibility with multiple devices. It is universally compatible. 
  • Distinct audio quality 
  • It can be used on the go. 
  • It does not require a battery, which makes it easy to use. 
  • It comes with 6 video modules (Introduction and unboxing, vlogging, filmmaking, live streaming, podcasting, FAQs & Troubleshooting) mailed to buyers upon purchase you how to use the Microphone effectively so you can get the best out of the product.  


  • The shock mount and windscreen don’t work effectively
  • The microphone mount is not durable.
  • There are complaints that the video modules are not exactly easy to understand. 

Spec for iq7Polar pattern: Cardioid\mid-side | recording quality: 44.1 kHz\48 kHz, 16 bit | connectors: apple lightning connector stereo mini jack output | dimensions: 54.5 × 57.2 × 26.5 mm | weight: 31.8g.

Spec for iq6dimensions: (W×D×H): 61.1×30.6×53.1mm | audio quality: 44.1 kHz\16 bit, 48 kHz\16-bit | max sound pressure level: 130 dB SPL | adjustable angles from 90-120 degrees | headphone output: 3.5mm stereo mini jack for direct monitoring | weight: 28.2g 

The significant difference between the two products in the IQ series is their condenser capsule configuration; asides from that, their functions are pretty similar, and each of them offers excellent service. 

While IQ6 is more unidirectional, IQ7 has a headphone output feature for monitoring, is Cardioid, and allows you to select the degree to which the device should be positioned; both of them use the Zoom Handy Recorder iOS app and must be connected through the apple lightning connector port. 

For a good price, the Zoom IQ series pickup impeccable sound, and with their standard 3.5mm headphone jack, you can hear the recording in real-time. IQ7 possesses a three-way switch providing the option of directional change; you can focus on sounds coming from the center, sounds coming from the room and raw audio from your surroundings. 

Features: (IQ7)

  1. The Microphone features 3 stereo options (mid-side, 90°, and 120°)
  2. The frequency response depends on the stereo pattern you choose.
  3. It connects via the lightning port
  4. It has up to 24 bits\48 kHz digital output.

Features: (IQ6)

  1. It has a Deadcat windscreen
  2. The 3.5mm headphone jack can be used with the casing of the phone.
  3. It enables monitoring during recording and playback. 
  4. It allows for wide coverage while capturing sounds distinctly from the center.

Pros: (Both microphones in the series)

  • The audio quality is excellent.
  • Gives room for recording and playback monitoring.
  • Unlike some other microphones, they can be used with the casing of the phone or device.

Cons: (Both microphones in the series)

  • The build/ make up of the microphones are cheap and cannot withstand frequent everyday use or wear and tear. 
  • Some users complained of poor connectivity or difficulty in connecting.

Specdimensions: (H×W×D) 8.1 ×2.2×2.2 cm | weight: 0.07 kg 

The Wavo mobile by Joby empowered is a lightweight Cardioid condenser microphone compatible with any iPhone or tripod stand. Lauded on its excellent recording signal, the quick setup external microphone also comes packed with a shock mount, phone connection cables, and a Deadcat windshield. 

This product is designed specifically with vloggers in mind, enhances audio quality, delivers crisp sounding audio and its Cardioid way of sound pick up ensures unwanted noises are left behind.

Looking forward to an easy vlogging experience without heavy yet durable equipment? Wavo mobile by Joby should probably be your pick. 


  1. It comes with cables (TRS and TRRS) for easier connectivity to phones and cameras.
  2. It requires the use of lightning to a 3.5mm adapter.
  3. It is durable, portable, and a great size for everyday use.
  4. Cardioid sensitivity.


  • As a product designed for everyday use, the size and weight are conveniently making it easy to carry it around or use on-the-go. 
  • It comes with a bag for protection and easy movement.
  • Quick to set up.
  • The package includes essentials and accessories like a shock mount, windshield, tripod stand, and an all in one kit especially for bloggers (The Joby GorillaPod kit)


  • The Deadcat (windshield) is said to be ineffective sometimes.
  • The cost is not cheap, especially for those who have not committed to vlogging or photography.

iPhone and iOS Microphones Buyers Guide: 

  An External Microphone is a digital speech amplifier connected to gadgets and devices to improve audio quality. iPhones and iOS devices generally have great sound. As mentioned earlier, the external Microphone is used to make their sounds better, especially while recording audios of value (e.g., podcasts, interviews, music, YouTube content, etc.)

These microphones have distinctions based on how sensitive they are (dimensional quality), their measure of magnitude and phase of output as the working of their frequency in comparison to their output (Frequency Response), how much wind and unwanted noises they can eliminate from the audio and the clarity of their sounds. 

All these criteria present with them options of external microphones that you can still use to get a fantastic user experience on the product of your choice. 

Frequency Response:

Frequency Response or frequency response typically describes the category of frequencies, audible sounds, or musical notes a component can duplicate. It can be affected by the surroundings or environment the record takes place in, the proximity of objects, positioning of the equipment, or any physical element present in the radius of listening or recording. 

 Cardioid or Omnidirectional Mircophones?

As the name implies, Cardioid refers to a microphone sensitive only in front, not behind or at the sides. On the other hand, omnidirectional can pick up sounds from any direction as it is sensitive on all microphone sides. Whether the Microphone used to record on iPhones or iOS is Cardioid or Omnidirectional, everyone should lookout for a microphone that gives them the best quality while blocking out as many external sounds as possible.

Microphone Windshield:

 Microphone Windshields is a feature you have probably seen appear a lot in this article. It is the same thing as the inexpensive foam most microphones come with to block out the noise in the environment.

 It is pertinent for every external Microphone to have a windshield that protects it from noise and sound. Although most microphones come with windshields, the furry ones are more effective than those with bare foam. This feature should also inform your choice in buying an external microphone for your iPhone or IOS device.  

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How can I connect the Microphone to my phone or device through lightning?

iPhones or iOS devices can be connected using a 3.5mm RCA cable that virtually all these external speakers come with. All you need to do is connect one end of the cable to the Microphone and the other end to the preamp’s input jack, then connect one end of the 1\8 3.5mm TRRS cable to the end of the apple devices headphone jack; after this, your main device will recognize the preamp and connected Microphone as the main audio signal for your videos. 

How can I access the applications required to operate these external microphones?

All the applications can be downloaded from the Apple app store. Most of them, if not all, are free. 

Does the windshield eliminate background noises and wind sounds?

Whether it be the foam or Deadcat (fur), the windshield actually minimizes and, to an extent, eliminates external sound. The only affecting factor might be the environment in which the microphones are being used.


 This article has reviewed some of the best external microphones compatible with iPhones and iOS devices. To enhance your audio quality, any of these microphones will set you on the right course. If they meet your budget criteria and tick all your other boxes regarding sensitivity, frequency response, and more, any of them should certainly be your pick. 

 These microphones are a must-have for everyone who does home recording, production; it is excellent for YouTubers, Social Media influencers who use these microphones for clearer sounds, and everyone else. 

Make a smooth pick today from this list of best external microphones for iPhones and iOS that are also affordable, and thank me later.