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13 Best Vlog Editing Tips for Your Next Video

Vlog Editing Tips

Vlog editing tips – editing your vlog doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s what often happens, a new vlogger is determined to edit so they sit down, grit their teeth, and after some frustrating hours they have an edited video…

10 Fun Youtube Challenge Ideas

Youtube Challenges

Have you ever struggled to figure out what kind of vlog you want to do that day? Do you find it difficult to come up with new ideas on a daily or semi-daily basis? If that is the case then…

What is a Vlog? (And How You Can Get Started)

What is a Vlog?

Vlogging has increased in popularity quite a bit in the last few years. This is due in part to vlogging actually becoming a full-time income for many people. Once others started seeing how much could be made by vlogging, more…