10 Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face 2024

If you’re asking yourself ‘Can I make Youtube videos without showing my face?‘ Then the answer is most definitely, yes.

In this post I’m going to be sharing 10 video ideas you can use on your youtube channel. So, let me help you get some video content created even if you don’t want to show your face yet.

10 Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face

1. Unboxing Product Reviews or Demos

All you need to do for this is point your camera at your hands or shoot the product at an angle from above.

You could unbox your brand new camera or your new iPhone or whatever it is that your channel is going to be about. You can talk about the product and have your camera just facing your hands.

You can also review these products, too. So you could show how you use your iPhone or whatever product you’re reviewing and give your honest opinion on why you believe this product is good or bad.

One Youtube channel that is doing this very successfully is FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review they do toy reviews without showing their face and they have over 11 million subscribers.

Making YouTube Video Without Showing Your Face

2. Point of View

This method is often done with GoPro Cameras and similar products. This method is a great and sometimes mind-blowing way to make awesome videos that can go viral without ever having to show your face.

If you are a travel vlogger, adventurer, or lifestyle vlogger, you can get some amazing footage to share on your Youtube channel because you’re doing a lot of cool stuff and the world wants to see all the cool stuff you´re doing, because they’re probably stuck at home.

This is an example of a very advanced travel POV video but hopefully, it will give you some inspiration.

3. Screen Recordings

Screen recordings are great to show people a process or how to use certain software or to actually see what it’s like to sign up and work with you.

You can use software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow for Macs and just record your screen and talk into a microphone as you show people how you do something on the computer.

4. Game-play videos

Gameplay videos are the same process as screen recordings, but we thought we should give it its own section because gaming is one of the most successful niches on YouTube.

There have been many successful YouTubers who first started with game streaming and gameplay videos. Pewdipie and MrBeast both started their Youtube careers as gamers, and Pewdipie is the Youtuber with the most number of subscribers.

5. Interviews

Interview someone else while you are off-camera asking the questions. If you talk about a specific subject on your youtube channel, then it can be good to find others that are knowledgeable on this subject and interview them. They might be more experienced than you, and it can be good to ask them questions that will give your channel more value.

6. Tutorials or How-tos

With these videos, you can simply show your hands, so this is great if you’re showing people how to cook or how to bullet journal or how to plan or if you’re a DIY channel. All you have to do is show your hands and people will never have to see your face.

One Youtube channel that is having great success with how-tos is 5-Minute Crafts.

Make YouTube Video Without Showing Your Face

7. Slideshow Video

This is great if you really want to teach people something or a strategy or something that you can walk them through step-by-step. You can do this by using slideshows and adding stock photos or showing photos of your process within the slideshow.

If you’ve ever been to a webinar or live training, a lot of the instructors use this type of video to really teach people. And you don’t even have to show your face, but they get to hear you and they get to learn from you, so that’s still helping you build your authority and your credibility.

8. Stock Video and Photo Videos

So what you can do is you can walk through a process, or you can talk through a story that you want to share by using stock photos and stock videos.

There are so many websites online right now that you can get these types of stock photos and videos for free that can really fit your brand. So even though you’re telling your story, you still have this video to share with people on YouTube that’s going to keep them engaged.

You don’t just want to use static images because nobody’s going to stick around. They’ll likely get bored. So by incorporating the stock photos and these stock videos, it keeps people engaged and allows them to connect with you even though it’s just your voice.

9. Doodle or Whiteboard Video

With this type of video, you can write things out as you explain them, so your camera is actually showing the whiteboard whether you have it hung up on your wall or whether you have it flat on your desk and your camera is taking an overhead angle.

You could walk through your steps or your how-to or whatever you want to share through your doodles and your whiteboard drawing while you talk through it. There are a lot of great successful channels on YouTube that just strictly do whiteboard videos so it’s not like it’s not going work for you.

10. Animations

Animations can be a fun way of getting your information across in a video. One example of an animation YouTube channel is CGP Grey, this channel has 4 million subscribers. The animations are quite basic, but you would still need quite a lot of animation skills to do them yourself.

How to Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face: Toy Videos

One alternative to creating the animations yourself could be to hire someone on Fiverr for example. If you have the budget this could be a good way of getting your videos onto YouTube. 

Can You Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face?

This is a common question from creators who want to get started on YouTube without showing their face.

YouTube in recent years has become more strict about what channels can be monetized using Adsense. To qualify you’ll need to be in good standing with YouTube and have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in the previous 12 months.

So with a bit of work, it’s definitely possible to monetize your YouTube channel even without showing your face. But just make sure that you use a real voice in your videos and not a computer-generated voice.

Once you feel more confident with making videos and have a good number of followers then you could always switch to showing your face.

How to Make YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

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