Fiverr Video Editing Gigs: Worth it for Your Vlog?

Is a Fiverr video editing gig right for you?

Well, If you have a YouTube channel, you probably know that video editing is one of the most important elements of the entire process. Video editing binds all your clips together in a coherent way and adds effects and transitions to enhance the viewing experience. 

Simply put, your videos are incomplete without video editing. You have two options when it comes to video editing; you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. 

If you don’t have much experience with video editing, the end result can be unprofessional. 

Fiverr is the most popular place to hire freelance video editors, but are their rates even worth it? The answer is: yes. 

If you want your YouTube vlogs to be enjoyable and attention-grabbing enough for your viewers, Fiverr video editing gigs are worth it. After all, you’re not doing all that hard work and effort by yourself.

If you’re wondering which freelance video editor from Fiverr to work with, keep reading. 

Top 5 Fiverr Video Editing Gigs

Here are the five best-recommended video editing gigs to consider on Fiverr for your YouTube vlogs in 2022. 


Since Asowinski has the badge of Fiverr’s Choice on his profile, it’s the first recommendation on our list. Not only has he earned this badge which speaks of their quality of work, but he also has a rating of 5 stars!

The best part about this freelancer is that he offers premium quality work for very low prices, starting at just $5! His services include audio balancing, syncing, color correction, transitions, and even subtitles. 


  • Low rates
  • 5-star rating with Fiverr’s Choice badge
  • Rush jobs for an extra $5 


Working with Flubberfish means you get an authentic video-producing company to edit your vlogs for just $5! Other than over eight years of experience, they also have a rating of 4.9 stars along with 2000 customers.

This company offers small and affordable video editing tasks such as trims or introduction sequences. 

In addition, they may also take a bigger gig if you message them with a detailed explanation and a suitable budget. 


  • Low rates
  • 4.9-rating
  • Eight years of experience of Fiverr


Since Asad_Mumtaz has been both a YouTuber and a video editor for a very long time, his Fiverr page is exactly what vloggers are looking for. His specialty service is the text-into-video conversion, in which he’ll put the main points of a blog or article into video format.

As a vlogger, you’ll need an editor to edit your videos according to your regular schedule. In that case, Asad offers a 10% discount after one month if you commit to an editing project for every month. 

If that wasn’t enough to impress you, it’s also worth noting that Asad also has a 5-star rating. 


  • Ideal for long-term video editing relationship
  • 5-star rating
  • Experience as a YouTuber and video editor


If you want someone to edit the ad breaks in your vlogs on YouTube or TikTok, Oneshoterick is the ideal video editor for you. One of the main reasons to opt for this editor is because of his abundance of return customers. 

His main services include transitions, color grading, music, basic animations, and subtitles in Spanish and English. His responses are quick, and his 4.9-star rating earns him an even better reputation. 


  • Subtitles for Spanish and English
  • Quick response rate
  • 4.9-star rating


If you don’t want to rely on just one person and are looking for a team of professional graphic designers, Doitapto is exactly what you need. 

While their prices are a bit higher than the other options on our list, they’re definitely worth the investment due to their extensive experience. 

Not only will they edit your vlogs, but they offer some other interesting gigs, including music video editing. It even includes SFX in its services. Lastly, their 5-star rating is what earned them a spot on our list.


  • Impressive introduction video
  • Top-rated team of expert graphic designers and video editors
  • 5-star rating
  • Offers revision edits 


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the video editing gigs on Fiverr. 

Are Fiverr Video Editing Gigs Worth It for My Vlog? 

Fiverr video editing gigs are worth it if you want your vlog to have an enjoyable and professional finish. The duration and placement of the clips in your video determine whether your viewer will be sticking around till the end. 

That’s why the end result should be hooking, enjoyable, and coherent. A professional video editor will filter out the unnecessary and uninteresting parts of your video to create the perfect vlog for your YouTube channel. 

What Should I Look for in a Fiverr Video Editor?

The first thing you should look for in a Fiverr video editor is a strong portfolio. That way, you’ll have an understanding of how they handle sound, images, transitions, and their overall style. Then, you’ll know if their work fits your preferences.

More importantly, they should have a high rating. A Fiverr rating is a reflection of the freelancer’s previous experience with clients, their ability to meet deadlines, work quality, and communication skills. 

They should also have an awareness of the trends and styles in the specific style of video editing you’re looking for. For example, trends in Vlog Editing would be completely different from trends in Music Video Editing. 

Other than that, effective communication, adaptability, and attention to detail are a few good characteristics of a professional video editor on Fiverr. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Video Editor on Fiverr?

The cost of a video editing gig depends entirely on the editor’s experience, the field of expertise, location, and the project’s deadline. Other factors that affect the price of a gig include the extent and detail of the project. 

You may find professionals who are willing to do the gig for as little as $5, but there will be some who even charge thousands of dollars. It’s all a matter of what editor you’re working with.